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Apostle Bettye Jenkins was born in Chapel Hill, NC, and has one son, John Matthew Jenkins II. She was raised by her maternal grandmother. 

Bettye Jenkins, A Servant of God with the world globe

Even though her grandmother provided for her, the open show of love and affection was scare because her grandmother had so many other children. At a young age, she would often cry out to God as to why she was ever born. 

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God Our Victory Over The Bullies


A bully is a person who intimidates weaker people.Are bullies taking over on your job, in your family or in your situation?  This teaching will help you get the victory through Jesus Christ.

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Daily Life Changers

Prayer of Agreement 1
The Blood of Jesus


Salvation Corner

The Bible Way to Heaven

So many people operate in the things of God but have not invited Him into their hearts.  Discover the Bible Way to Heaven.



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Salvation Must Start in God

You would think that everyone in church is saved, but throughout the years many people have no idea how to walk out Christianity.  Christ is the center of our salvation experience and it starts in the hearts of the people.  Examine yourself to see if your salvation starts with God.


Walking in Your Salvation Experience

You must get into the Word of God and ask Him to speak to your heart.  As you read the Word of God, ask the Lord to help you fulfill His Word. Go to the full depth God has planned for your life and learn to walk out your salvation experience.

Featured Book

The Power of Prayer 

is a must read book